Guaranteed Compatible Upgrades for your Compaq HP Evo D315

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Image Product Name Part No Price Quantity Order
1GB DDR-266 (PC2100) 2GB DDR-266 (PC2100) Memory Kit
Recommended Upgrade
There are 2 pieces of 1GB RAM in this kit.
5938760 $16.81
512MB DDR-266 (PC2100) 1GB DDR-266 (PC2100) Memory Kit
There are 2 pieces of 512MB RAM in this kit.
5938763 $18.00
1GB DDR-266 (PC2100) 1GB DDR-266 (PC2100) Memory
5938759 $8.41
512MB DDR-266 (PC2100) 512MB DDR-266 (PC2100) Memory
5938762 $9.00
256MB DDR-266 (PC2100) 256MB DDR-266 (PC2100) Memory
5938761 $6.30
128MB DDR-266 (PC2100) 128MB DDR-266 (PC2100) Memory
5938758 $15.30

The specifications for standard configuration on your Compaq HP Evo D315 system can be found by clicking on the red button above and are also listed in your user manual. This information is for reference so that you know you are purchasing the correct RAM for your Evo D315.

All memory modules found on this page are guaranteed to work in your Compaq HP Evo D315 - or your money back.

Memory Giant is here to help if you need it - from ordering to installation, we have a qualified support staff ready to help over the phone or online should you have any questions.