72-Pin/144-Pin SODIMM

Memory Module Installation Guide

72-Pin / 144-Pin SODIMM Memory Modules

The instructions on this page provide general installation and handling information for 72-Pin/144-Pin SODIMM memory modules. These instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with your model specific owner's manual.

Note: Before touching electronic components, make sure you are properly grounded. By wearing a wrist strap (or using some other type of static control device), you can prevent static electricity stored on your body or clothing from damaging your installation.

  1. If the SODIMM is being installed into a notebook or hand-held computer that has a battery installed, then ensure that the battery is removed and the power cord is unplugged before beginning installation.
  2. The memory slot for installation is typically accessed via a door on the bottom of the machine or it may be located under the keyboard. Refer to your computer's manual on how to accomplish this step.
  3. 72 Pin SODIMMs have a small cutout on the bottom of the module next to the pins. This ensures that the modules can only be installed one way round. 144 Pin SODIMMs have a cutout along the gold pins which again only allow the module to be inserted one way.
  4. Once you've discharged your static electricity, pick up the memory chip by its top or sides. Don't touch the gold contacts at the bottom, because even a little oil from your finger can eventually interfere with the connection.
  5. Insert the module at a 30 degree angle and push the module firmly but gently into the slot until the security latches on the sockets have locked into place on each side of the module.
  6. For most installations, SODIMM modules can be installed in any available expansion slot. Other installations may require the memory to be installed in a particular sequence based on the modules capacity. Check your owner's manual to determine the correct installation sequence for your configuration.
  7. Turn on the computer and follow the instructions in your computer owner's manual that describe the steps necessary to allow your computer to recognise the newly installed memory. (Most computers will automatically recognize the additional memory installed). When restarting your computer you may get a message prompting you to update the configuration settings. Refer to your computer's manual on how to accomplish this step.

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