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72-Pin SIMM Computer Memory Module Installation Guide

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The instructions on this page provide general installation and handling information for 72-pin SIMM memory modules. These instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with your model specific owner's manual.

Note: Before touching electronic components, make sure you are properly grounded. By wearing a wrist strap (or using some other type of static control device), you can prevent static electricity stored on your body or clothing from damaging your installation. Anti-static straps are available for purchase from our Web site, alternatively please contact our sales department.

  1. The first thing to do is make sure the computer is shut down.


  2. Note that it may seem sensible to unplug the computer before installing the RAM, but we don't recommend it. Keeping the machine plugged in will ground it, and this is important because that way any static electricity built up in your body will be discharged before handling the RAM chips. You can do this by touching any unpainted metal part of the case. Frying a chip with static electricity is a rare occurrence, but still possible.


  3. Remove the computer's cover following the instructions in the model-specific owner's manual.


  4. Locate the memory expansion sockets on the computer's motherboard. If all the sockets are full, remove smaller capacity modules to allow room for higher capacity modules.


  5. Once you've discharged your static electricity, pick up the computer memory chip by its top or sides. Don't touch the silver or gold contacts at the bottom, because even a little oil from your finger can eventually interfere with the connection. Regardless of the type of memory you have, it will only go into the empty memory slot one way, so look at the notches in the contacts and line them up so the partitions in the RAM sockets fit in the grooves.


  6. Insert the module at a 45 degree angle and carefully grasp the two ends of the module and gently snap into place into the upright position. Align the metal connectors of the memory module with the metal connectors of the simm socket on the motherboard. Be sure that the SIMM is aligned properly and that all pins line up correctly. If the simm does not fit, turn it around as SIMMs are keyed and will only fit in one way round.


  7. For most installations, SIMM modules can be installed in any available expansion slot. Other installations may require the memory to be installed in a particular sequence based on the modules capacity. Check your owner's manual to determine the correct installation sequence for your configuration.


  8. Turn on the computer and follow the instructions in your computer owner's manual that describe the steps necessary to allow your computer to recognize the newly installed memory. (Most computers will automatically recognize the additional memory installed). When restarting your computer you may get a message prompting you to update the configuration settings. Refer to your computer's manual on how to accomplish this step.

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